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Vienna named the most sustainable European city

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New research from Chicopee®

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Chicopee® has identified Vienna as the European city with the most sustainable practices.

The brand, which specialises in J-Cloth® Compostable the first compostable wipe for the food service & cleaning industry.

Developed a Sustainable Cities index, ranking all the European capital cities on different factors such as the number of electric vehicle charging points, sustainable businesses, vegan restaurants, as well as the number of parks and nature attractions in the city. The research also looked at the recycling rate of local residents and production-based greenhouse gas emission levels.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Points

Austria’s capital topped the rankings, ranking highest for the number of electric vehicle charging points. With the city being home to 25% of all registered European electric charging points.

The research also looked at the recycling rate of local residents and production based greenhouse gas emission levels.

Vienna had the lowest levels of greenhouse gas emissions

Highest Rates of Recycling

Vienna also featured in the top five cities with the highest rates of recycling, with 63% of Austrian residents actively recycling and composting.

London was named the 2nd most sustainable city

London was named the second most sustainable city, ranking first for the number of parks and nature attractions, as well as the number of vegan restaurants. The city also came third for sustainable businesses, due to 3 of the top 100 most sustainable companies of 2020 headquartered in the capital. 

The top ten most sustainable European cities, according to the Sustainable Cities...

  1. Vienna
  2. London
  3. Paris
  4. Stockholm
  5. Madrid
  6. Berlin
  7. Amsterdam
  8. Prague
  9. Helsinki
  10. Rome

Now more than ever, consumers want to make choices that will enable them to live a more sustainable lifestyle, so we wanted to understand the European cities that best support both residents and businesses to reduce their carbon footprint.

The Cop26 conference which recently took place, highlights just how important it is that every business and individual introduces practices that help us transition towards a circular economy. Chicopee actually had a part to play in the conference, as our J-Cloth® Compostable were used as part of the maintenance and cleaning programme.

Throughout Europe, we have seen more demand than ever for more sustainable solutions and compostable products – for example, the J-Cloth® Compostable, that has been certified as compostable according to DIN EN 13432:2000-12*, can provide a solution to the waste disposal challenge, by just disposing of the wipe in the food waste bin. We are pleased to be playing our part to help restaurants & businesses reduce waste while maintaining the highest level of cleaning standards.

Eileen Calder
Product Manager Wipes, EMEIA

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From these humble beginnings the company transformed over time into an established brand owned by several multinational organisations. In the 1940’s we formed our first Research and Development centre, the first of its kind for the industry. Then in the 1970s with the invention of the J-Cloth®, Chicopee changed the way people used cloths and wipes in the kitchen. This step into the heart of the home with nonwovens created a strong association between Chicopee and the foodservice market. From here the brand has become known for innovative high quality wiping solutions across multiple segments such as Automotive, Foodservice, Healthcare, Industry and Building Care.